Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Birth of a God


This hurts like hell. The doctor wants me to rest, so I'll try to keep this brief. Well, as brief as I can anyway.

We managed to corner Maxwell at some amusement park called the Land of Make Believe. The Timberwolves had him surrounded, so me and Charlotte headed for where they were. Glorius and Acedia were still out of commission. Maybe I wouldn't be lying in a doctor's bed if they hadn't been, but whatever.

Along the way, I noticed a certain pair of traveling journalist-wannabes trying (rather pathetically I might add) to hide behind the horses of a merri-go-round. I waved to them. Let it never be said that I am an overly rude man.

Anyway, when we got to Maxwell, he was freaking out. A few Timberwolves were lying dead here and there, and Max was waving a gun around, pulling the trigger and fiercely releasing a series of clicking sounds. I guess he didn't bring enough ammo.

"Get away from me!" he shouted. "I have the watch! You stay away!"

Charlotte moved toward him. Well, glided towards him. It was like her body was suddenly lifted into the air by an unseen force, and her limbs went limp and sort of hung there, her wrists lifted as well. When she was a few feet away, she alighted on the ground and flicked her wrist at him. Maxwell struggled against a mass of invisible strings, and Charlotte calmly turned around and walked away.

Max somehow managed to get the watch out, but sadly we shall never know what it is he intended to do with it.

Because the watch sank into his skin like a rock sinks into a lake.

Suddenly we were no longer alone. I saw Master emerge from the darkness, and I saw the Wooden Girl appear behind Charlotte. I saw Gas Mask opposite of me, behind Maxwell. He looked at me, and temporarily shifted into Crystal's form, winking before returning to its more familiar shape.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the gray shapes of the Choir, for once not altering the sound around them. To my left the Rake stood, hunched over with its claws rested on the ground. And I could feel one more Entity behind me, its gaze upon us all, though I didn't turn to see who stood there.

I was too enthralled by the sight before me.

Maxwell screamed, and his body contorted, and I could his bones cracking. Gradually, his shrieks turned to gurgles, and the skin along his arm split apart, blood pouring from the wound as if it were being forced out. His shirt tore, and his chest after that. I heard (and saw) his ribs shatter as a mechanical creature clawed its way out of his body, its metallic joints creaking and groaning as it tore through Maxwell's flesh.

Finally, what was left of Maxwell crumpled to the ground, and there above him was a creature of metal and machinery, assembled in a shape not unlike a human fetus, its small arms ending in two long knives. It seemed to float in a nearly invisible sphere, and extending from its stomach was a fleshy and no doubt organic umbilical cord.

"Manufactured Newborn". That seems a good way to describe the new Entity, wouldn't you say?

The Newborn shrieked, and then it was simply gone, along with all the other Entities. No fanfare. No flash of light. No claps of thunder. Just... gone.

That's when I saw three men standing off to the side. I don't know when they got here, but I recognized all three. Hunter, Peter, and Sleight.

About damn time I found that bastard.

I didn't even hesitate. I rushed at Sleight. He saw me coming and turned and ran through a Door, and I gave pursuit.

Ugh. Doctor just injected me with something. Gotta end it here. Post what happened next later.



  1. Well.

    Angels and men with horror may sing
    All for to see the newborn King.

  2. The Highmind Awaits the young one.
    The Highmind Awaits.

  3. AWESOME! I have a new respect for the Manufactured Newborn.