Friday, June 3, 2011


Glorius and Acedia are still recovering, and Master has sent forth a command to aid Charlotte for the time being. Seems reasonable. Having a lot of humans trying to defy you is a big embarrassment, and Wooden Girl and Archangel are the only two allies Master currently has in the Game. Plus Sleight's trail has gone cold anyway.

So I've spent some time among a group of Archangel cultists cum drug dealers calling themselves the "Timberwolves" and any of you who've managed to pick up my general personality and outlook don't need me to tell you that relations between me and them are strained at best.

So basically, here's what's going on: Some guy with an asshole family named Peter has teamed up with some dickface with a dead family named Hunter and now they're after some dumbass named Maxwell (who is also the former leader of the Timberwolves) stole Peter's watch. Said watch has many strange and supernatural properties because, as Charlotte has informed me, it is not a watch at all but rather the larval form of a new Entity. Charlotte is here because the Wooden Girl wants the new Entity to be born. The Timberwolves are here because the Archangel wants the new Entity. I'm here because Master wants the new Entity and I've got nothing better to do anyway. Also, we apparently have a pair of very inept investigators following us.

Oh yeah, and the Timberwolves have captured Maxwell. He's in solitary confinement at the moment. When the time comes, we'll use him to birth the new Entity.

I have to say, the Timberwolves are fucking psychos. There was this one guy, Bill Something, who would not shut up about the Archangel. Kept talking about how I'd avoided my fate but the Archangel was gonna come get me and I should embrace it and blah blah blah.

And then, while I standing on the roof of the office of the cemetery where the crazie had set up camp, Bill comes over to me and says this: "She was a hot one. That Crystal chick. The great Archangel took her form and let me fuck her. Fucked her good. You know she had a really loose cu--AAAAAAH!"

I pushed him off the building.

His neck made a very satisfying sound when his head hit the sidewalk.



  1. Ugh... that's just wrong on so many levels. Rude and wrong.

  2. Touched a nerve, did he?

    Of course, by killing him, you've only made Bill more joyful.

  3. Wait, the Archangel appears as dead people he doesn't control their bodies. So this Bill guy slept with the Archangel. I just threw up a little there.


  4. It takes necrophilia to a whole new level.