Thursday, July 21, 2011


The Tall One sent us word: the puppet thing, the "Wooden Girl", betrayed Him. Those people that attacked us in the City were hers.

So did they take Steward? Or did he... no. No, he wouldn't do that. He'd never do that.

Bad thoughts.



  1. interesting.but,what does the wooden girl plan to do? the tall one is the spawn of Satan himself.what does she think she's going to do? she can't run,she can't way or another,the outcome will be the same:he will win....unless your zeke strahm.zeke is awesome.

  2. Oh dear, shit's about to get real.. moreso.

  3. ^^ First of all, learn where either the -tab- key or the -caps- key is.

    Also, you have no idea to the extent of The Wooden Girl's power reaches. She is definitely equal to the Slenderman.

    And, furthermore, she can be considered more dangerous then the tall one.

    If not that, though; more ruthless.

    She's a demon from hell that needs to be purged.

  4. First,Don't consider that everybody you meet is on a fucking computer.I don't care what equal standing she has against him.this is the slender man we are talking about.this suited creature can stand up to bullets and electricity,bats and crowbars,even fucking cars.this guy can make fucking tentacles appear out of his suit,and when he's pissed he grows even more.this guy can warp time and space itself,and,he cannot lose,if he lost,do you want to tell me why there are tons of blogs and videos where people are being stalked by him? HE CANNOT LOSE.

    1. I favor all the Lords and Ladies of the Realm equally. Though Der Ritter is powerful, maybe even one of the MOST powerful, the Wooden Girl is a foe no one should want to battle.

      She can take the Pale Prince's agents away from him with her strings, easy as pie.

  5. He cannot lose, but that does not mean he always wins.

    The Wooden Girl is...well, it's hard to describe the Wooden Girl. Sometimes she looks like a large wooden doll with a painted face and strings wrapped around her body. Sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes just looking at her will...well, you mind rejects it. You look anywhere but where she is, your eyes refusing to see her, refusing to even acknowledge there is anything there at all.

    She makes puppets out of people. I know what you're thinking: so does the Slender Man. But the Slender Man often gives his puppets a choice first. He picks and chooses his victims (yes, sometimes seemingly at random, but he must have his reasons) and his servants.

    The Wooden Girl controls everyone she meets. All become entangled in her strings, sometimes without even knowing it. People going about their day without knowing she controls their actions. Her servants move with her whims. Their motions look strange, because she literally controls their bodies, moving each person like they were all marionettes. The funeral march of the marionettes.

    So you see: the Slender Man is bad, yes. Perhaps he can defeat the Wooden Girl eventually. But it would take time, perhaps a lot of time. And in that time, when they fight, a lot of bad things would happen. Very, very bad things.

  6. I dunno about that guy above by two, but THIS GUY's hungry. :)

    And thank you, Anon, for being literate.

  7. Thanks For the info,Anonymous.what I don't understand is,why is it this is the first time I've heard of this entity? I hear more of Father paranoia,and he don't debut alot,since that post on that forum and the so called "tv hijackings".

  8. The Tall One doesn't seem to care who knows about him. His image is one that has spread widely through the internet. Not so with the Wooden Girl. She seems to be more...selective with those who see her. Most only have some uneasy feeling that the actions they take are not their own. There is a reason she is called "Manipulator" and "Puppeteer."

    Perhaps this blog or this one will shed some more light on how the Wooden Girl operates.

  9. Maybe the Fears are of equal standing in power but we, being humans, try to give them a hierarchy of sorts. THEY'RE ALL SCREWING WITH US!