Thursday, July 28, 2011


There was a massacre at the local police station last night. Everyone there was torn to pieces. I'm not even exaggerating. I used the Path to go see for myself, and after I threw up I went back through the Path, trying to push the images out of my head.

...And Spike's missing.

So I guess my mysterious foe has decided to make use of him? This is very bad....



  1. Sounds like the work of a certain Red Jack. Or rather one of his disciples. Indeed I'd not hesitate to suggest that it was an attempt, probably successful, to create a Red Chapel.

    One of my colleagues was tasked by Red Jack to give a message to your master. My colleague is currently unavailable so please permit me to pass this on in his place:

  2. Red Jack? You mean, Jack the Ripper?

    Well, at least we know who that is: the Queen's surgeon, Sir William Gull!

  3. Actually the ripper seems to have been a victorian gentleman by the name of Tumblety

  4. Actually the Ripper was neither of those as can be evidenced by my colleague's missive. Gull is quite easily cleared, unless being able to be in two places at once, and Tumblety was a homosexual. Homosexuals serial killers do not habitually slaughter women as the fairer sex holds no attraction to them. You must remember that there is a sexual element to serial killing.

  5. ^ thats an extremely false generalization lol.