Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I had Glorius and Acedia watch her. Conspicuously. She's seen them. She knows that she's being watched. It's starting to get to her.

I had them break her window in the middle of the night, pulling her from her sleep.

I had them hunt down animals and leave the corpses on her pillow.

I've written notes to her, full of threats and taunts.

She's terrified. She believes she will die soon. She's afraid that no one will believe her. But still she soldiers on. And still I have found no evidence of why the Compulsion does not affect her.

I only have a few more days to work with her. It's time to turn things up a notch.



  1. Do you know how this Compulsion works? Is it just that people are compelled to write about what happens to them in a public forum? And why? What would be the point of that?

  2. These are the questions I'm trying to find the answer to.

  3. The "compulsion" is almost certainly a myth.

    However, if Steward's master is a memetic being (or a "Tulpa"), then the purpose of the compulsion would be to spread the knowledge of it to give the sender a memetic edge over it's competitors without it.

  4. So tulpas thrive off of... being known?

    1. Well, yeah. That's the entire point.