Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memory: Jogged

Emily went out to dinner with her family last night. Isn't that sweet? So while she was out, I crept into her room, all those papers in hand, and taped them all over her walls. Gave her quite a fright when she got home.

And now she knows: she won't ever be free.

When I got back to the hotel we're staying in, I found Glorius and Acedia... well, suffice to say it was extremely embarrassing all around.

Honestly, are so stupid that they can't figure out that, if they really did have advanced senses, then what they were doing would really fucking hurt?



  1. Is that what proxies do now?
    Tape paper to walls?
    - Indrid

  2. Ah, so they were doing the Beast With Two Backs. The Horizontal Tango.

    Can you not let these lovebirds alone? Or at least give them funny nicknames?

    1. LMFAO favorite comment ever, thanks for adding to my vocab repitoire XD

  3. You should let them play with knives or something. You could join in, too.

  4. Proxies do any task their Master wants them to do. They range from gathering information, delivering messages and stalking to fighting for your Master and even dying for him/her.
    And I agree with Achromatic. Those two need to die. Otherwise they might proof to be more dangerous than all the fears and other paranormal entities together.