Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Killer

Last night was certainly eventful.

We went to a magic show performed by a rather corny and over-dramatic illusionist calling himself the Magnificent Doctor Grant. What a stupid name. His tricks were all fairly basic and transparent illusions, though there was one interesting one where he walked through a wall.

But none of that is important.

I noticed that there was a man a few seats in front of us who kept glancing behind him and looking straight at me. Sure enough, he turned out to be a plant that the Magnificent Doctor Grant had in the audience. He got called up to do some ridiculous trick. I can't remember which. But I suspected that I had found my killer.

After the show, we kept a close eye on the theater, and saw the plant among the people who moved out and headed for a nearby hotel. At around one in the morning, we saw him sneak out of the hotel and head through the city. Naturally, we followed him.

It wasn't long before he saw us. Instead of running, he actually stopped and waited.

"You're him, aren't you?" He called out to me as I approached. "The one who calls himself Steward. I was told that you'd come for me."

"Told?" I asked. "Told by who?"

"I..." He seemed confused. "I don't know. Just... I don't know. Go away. I can't stop myself. JUST GO AWAY!"

"Can't stop yourself?" I asked. "Now what could you mean by that?"

"I feel... a need... I don't know! Go away!"

Sounded like the Compulsion in action. Interesting. It was directing him to kill. "It's alright," I called out, "I'm here to help free you. What's your name?"

"It's Jo-- Call me Sleight."

"Alright then, 'Sleight'. It's OK. I can help."

"NO! No, just go away! Please!" He spun around and ran. I cursed and ran after him, Glorius and Acedia right behind me.

A Door appeared, and Sleight ran through it. It vanished as it closed.

So he is welcomed within the City. That means that an Entity has put its Mark on him.

And if that truly was the Compulsion that led him to do those things... It seems that somebody has been playing a very careful game.



  1. So, proxy vs serial killer. Who to root for? Well, as the tagline to Aliens vs Predator went, whoever wins, we lose.

    -- Frank

  2. I am in full support of Sleight. Any other Fear is better than the Slender Man. He's kind of a jackass.

    - RS