Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, this has been fairly pointless.

I had Glorius and Acedia perform the operation I described in my previous post. And of course I had to supervise to make sure they got everything right. Let me tell you, watching them work was absolutely disgusting. I nearly threw up when the stomachs came out, but thankfully I managed to hold it in. I wanted to decorate the dining room with blood, not vomit, after all.

As for those two idiots, I think they quite enjoyed themselves. Really enjoyed themselves. As in they looked like they were about to tear each other's clothes off right then and there when they were finished. I had to put a stop to that nonsense quickly. As I have just stated, blood is the only bodily fluid I intended to have splattered about.

Well, blood and bile, I suppose. I did have them rip the parents' stomachs out. But I digress.

Anyway, Emily didn't take her parents' death well. Poor thing. When she saw the dining room, she just froze. Did nothing but stand there for nearly half an hour, whimpering. Then, without a word, she turned and headed into the kitchen. I was hidden in the shadows, concealed by a slightly opened portal to Master's Path. I followed her into the kitchen, where she picked up a steak knife and held it to her throat.

And then my hand was upon hers, gently but firmly pushing the blade away from her, and I pulled her toward me (I was standing behind her), and leaned down and whispered in her ear: "Hello, Emily. My name is Steward."

She screamed. She struggled. She cried. She tried so hard to break free. I called in Glorius and Acedia to restrain her, and we traveled through the Path to an abandoned building somewhere in Appalachia. Not sure where. It's an old cabin in the woods. Master told me of its location.

Anyway, we tied her up, and once her voice was hoarse enough that she couldn't scream anymore, I started asking her questions.

"Do you know who I work for?"

She nodded.


"The..." she closed her eyes, and her voice was scratchy and barely a whisper. "The Slender Man."

"So you are familiar with that term. Where did you hear it?"

"The internet."

"The blogosphere?"

She nodded.

I smiled at her. "I do apologize, Ms. Rivera, but this is extremely important. I do regret what had to be done to your family, but, and trust me when I say this, we have actually spared them from a much worse fate." Truth, all of it, but I don't think she believed me.

She just looked at me. I don't think even she knew whether or not she felt empty or furious.

"Why did you never make a blog, Emily?"

"I... what?"

"You saw all those other blogs, did you not? People whom my Master has marked. Why did you never make one of your own?"

"I... I don't..."

As you can imagine, I never got a satisfactory answer. Poor Emily is just too confused and scared and exhausted. I've tried everything from hospitality to, aha, "enhanced interrogation", and I still do not know why she never felt the Compulsion. Did whatever causes it simply pass her by? I'm thinking that might be it.

But before I simply right this off, I still have one little trick up my sleeve.

I have with me a bottle of Master's Very Special Pills, and I'm sure that after taking them, Emily will be in a much more pleasant mood and be much more willing to talk.


Those of you who have been following my story since Eccentrically Bored know what I'm talking about.



  1. So if the Slender Man supplied those pills...

    Someone's been playing a long game.

  2. I'm sorry, nobody sounds scary when they say "blogosphere." Perhaps a different word? The interblag? The blagonet? The blagoblag?

    Well, whatever the name, it still sounds silly.

  3. It's a good thing I was trying to reassure her then, genius.


  4. I find myself wishing to join you and watch one of your interrogations. Your professional approach reflects well upon Him. You are one of the rare ones within His ranks worthy of respect.

  5. could've just let the poor girl kill herself.if i was her i would've ended it right there.but you guys don't give people the pleasure of ending there life,do you? you make there lives miserable,putting them into a repeated circle,stalk them,make them fight,kill them.i've been here for over a year.and i haven't died,gotten attacked,or have anything bad happen to me.and do you know why? because i really don't care.i sit,i read every blog,watch every vlog,and i just laugh.i LAUGH,knowing in the end,it's all futile because the proxies while die of old age and the fighters will die because of you the end it's all just a game to some suited faceless killer.

  6. You are correct J. It is a game. And the best thing we can do is accept our roles in it, because in the end we are nothing but pieces.


  7. I laugh because you don't know how to use punctuation.

  8. If this is a game, humanity lost a long time ago. We've spent the last year or so having the board beaten into our faces.

  9. Nonsense. How could humanity have lost when it was never playing? The pawns, bishops, rooks... they cannot win or lose. The titles of winner and loser belong to the players and the players alone.


  10. Humanity will never be in the game.

    If you wanted us in the game, you would have lost a long time ago.

    All we have to is to conquer are Fears, right?

  11. Shut up Peter, you're talking out your ass.

  12. Peter isn't wrong. The less you fear them the more their power shrinks and their sphere of influence becomes smaller. They can't propagate anymore if none fear them. By the way, humanity is playing the great game. They are the source of fear, the base of pawns like Steward and fight against their fate as runners, scientists and special agents. Without humanity the great game wouldn't even exist.
    Steward, I want to ask you, why do you think humans can't harm Slendy? They just never really tried to do so in all of the multiverses. What do you think I am trying to achieve by travelling from time to time, from world to world? I am trying to get them to stand up for themselves; to actively play the great game instead of just watching their certain doom unfold in front of their eyes without doing anything against it.
    If they manage to gather and fight as one they will be able to destroy good, old Slendy and all the other fears with him without a problem. They just need to defeat their innermost fears, especially the fear of the unknown which is the oldest and strongest fear of mankind. Without their root the fears will dissapear.
    Everytime I say all of the above no one believes me and all of you inevitably fail at your tasks. This is starting to drive me crazy. Ugh! I have watched this whole scenario about a million times and nothing ever changes! Everytime it ends with a Burning Rapture and the Amalgam destroying everything. Maybe I should thank Jack of All for creating one world where at least the rapture was prevented and for finding another where the chances of success are even better. I should start to actively interverne in the next world. Good bye! I won't speak to you again in this timeline of this world.