Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey everyone. Glorius here. You know, that Revenant that Steward likes to badmouth?

I'm here to set the record straight. We are not idiots and we are not "lovesick puppies". Ace, she's special to me. I've never known anyone quite like her. When I'm with her I can forget about everything that's wrong with the world and just be at peace. I can't explain. I'm not good with words. She just makes me forget all the bad things, you know?

And there are a lot of bad things in the world. Hell, I'm proof of that.

Me and Ace both lost our families in the WTC attack. That's when the Tall One took us and made us what we are. Unageing-- Unaging? I don't know. Un-Aging abominations. But that's how we met each other.

I like this life. I love this life. As long as I have Ace.

Don't worry about Steward. He's got a stick up his ass, yeah, but he's only human. Even if he wants to pretend otherwise. I've heard you sobbing to yourself in your sleep, Stew. Take my advice: You need to get laid.

To all you Runners: I'm sorry it had to be this way. You don't deserve what you've been through.

Anyway that's all I'm going to say. Steward will probably be pissed when he sees I made a post here. He'll probably do some extreme things. But as long as Ace is with me, I'm fine.


  1. All those who run deserve to be chased.

  2. An Anonymous FoxMay 20, 2011 at 5:38 AM


    What do you want?!

  3. You're kind of a loser for someone who works for the Slender Man.