Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Compulsion

It was all so fucking obvious.

But I couldn't see it? How could I? He's just a beast. A mindless animal. That's what I saw when I looked at him. That's what we all see.

That's exactly what he wants us to see.

We focused on his claws and his fangs. We forgot about his voice. That voice that implants ideas and instructions in our minds when we are at our most vulnerable.

He worked for years to make sure we only saw the feral aspects. Even the Entities came to see him as beast. They were blind to the chaos he was sewing within their ranks.

So much patience. So much careful planning. So much work, just to make sure that humanity knew about Them. Just to make sure that humanity would rebel against Them. Chaos is doubtlessly his end-goal. For from chaos, anything can rise to supremacy.

And we were all too eager to follow the instructions he whispered into our ears.

He is the Feral Beast. He is the Whisperer. He is the Incubus. He is the Lord of Nightmares.

He is the Rake.



  1. Speak for yourself. We rate "The Rake" as far more dangerous than your master. The Rake, at least, is smart enough to play by the rules instead of stomping all over the place and rocking the boat.

    That's why the Rake is only watched while your master is laughed at and hunted with extreme prejudice.

  2. They hunt the Slender Man now?

    hahahahahahha good luck with that

    but who am I to talk?

    I'm hunting a certain wooden monster too.

  3. You talking about the PTC? They're having some major problems on their end. Apparently their leader, 'Specter', has gone nuts. Stay on your toes, folks.

  4. No I don't work for the private sector and I'm not based in the colonies. I work for Queen and Country. We've been dealing with these sorts of wankers for a very long time.

  5. Poor Specter. Going to die as the trigger of the Rapture. I feel sorry for him.