Thursday, August 18, 2011


I can't use the Path anymore, but it seems that I'm still Marked, so I can travel through the City.

To those offering to help, thanks, but trust me: you don't want the things chasing me to come knocking on your door. No amount of magic or connections will save you from them.

By my count, I have about five godlike entities after me. If I get near you, there's no way you'll be able to protect yourself.


  1. I use travel City. Offering thanks but help me. By five I get no way magic will use.

  2. Ding, dong, the witch is dead.

  3. Don't ya worry, Stewie. Either you'll be lunch or you'll be dead. Gotta remember Stewie, death means nothing to us. ;)
    Sure the big wig will bring ya back even if that means you'll be a bit dead on the inside, eheheh!

    Wish I could chase ya but since I can't you can come here. Bring all em friends chasing ya if ya like. Yeah I'd like that, Graves could use some fun too. We could have some real good times here. Paint this cemetery with some red.
    Promise I'll wait till ya leave before I come after ya afterward all that. ;)

    Whelp I've got the blind to torment. Should consider it. Good offer boyo. Pitting chaos against chaos is always the solution, heh! Don't work whatcha lose? Just me and Graves be dead and hanging.

    Come on. Let me in. :)
    I want to play~

  4. Personally I'd recommend going to a bar and getting shitfaced.

    Firstly it will anaesthetise you.

    Secondly it will bring you into the domain of one of the Hire Powers. Namely the God of Barstewards. If you've ever been so drunk that all the bars blend into one and you've no idea how you got home safely then you've already passed through his liminal realm. He has no love for any of the Fears, especially your former master. There will, as always, be a price. But as one of the Hire Powers it will be something you can afford. Hell with your name you may even get free aid from the Chaos Monkey, who loves puns.

  5. Run, stew, run! D:

    hehehehehehehehe this?

    this will be fun to watch.