Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Been hanging in the area. Tonight's the night Master faces him.

So many memories... I've been walking around my old neighborhood. Someone else is living in my old house now. I guess they don't mind living in a place where a family was murdered.

Were they my family? Sometimes I find it hard to believe. What memories I have are distant, and the rest... well, I gave my childhood to the Blind Man, didn't I?

But non of that matters now.

Tonight, one way or another, this all ends.



  1. Oh great....I'm going to go hide in my closet and hope nothing happens. Shit.

    Anyways, Steward, if you don't survive this....well, I don't really have anything nice to say, but I don't have anything mean either.

    You're just another victim of circumstance, which I can understand, believe you me.

    And hold on to your human self, Joey. No matter what, don't lose your humanity. In the end, that's all we are; human.

  2. Stay safe. Both of you. (Owen and Steward.)
    Also, I will make popcorn and eat it while reading the fight.

  3. Assuming he survives to post it.

  4. Of course your family lived there. Don't you remember slitting their throats like they meant nothing to you? Wasn't that your big test before you became His?

    I hope you survive. Simply because if you don't, none of us will.