Saturday, August 6, 2011


It was stupid.


She's dead. Just like Crystal. The same scene. The blood everywhere. The hotel room. The killer standing over her corpse.



Scarneck. That bitch.

She tried to say something. I think she tried to tell me her name. I don't know. I don't care. No weapons. Just my fists.

I was so angry. The murderous bitch. Poor Lexi....

Scarneck died with a smile on her lips. What right did she have to die that way? What right!?

No right. No one has any rights.

I let myself forget that. I let myself be taken in by the empty promises of human companionship.

Human life is fleeting. Humans are traitorous and treacherous and always changing. Friend becomes foe becomes friend. Living becomes dead.

There is only one constant in life.


I let myself forget that. I was foolish. I let myself grow soft and weak.

No more.



  1. Her name was Rachel Steward. She was born as Rachel Edwards, but married a man named James Steward. In 1991 she had a son and they named him Joseph. He grew up to be a quiet boy, and one day he disappeared. Rachel was distraught. For a month she prayed for her son's safety and his return to her. The night before Easter, her prayers were answered. Her son came home, and slit her throat.

    I'll be seeing you very soon.

  2. Steward, I'll only say this as I feel we have a lot in common personality-wise... but cutting yourself off from everyone is not healthy.

    I left my family, true, but I created a new one first. People say we are defined by our actions, but I think we are defined more by those to whom we give our strongest emotions. I would rather be defined by who I love than by who I hate.

    Love is not weakness.

  3. Three down.

    One to go.

  4. Is it safe to assume the comment at the top by judgment is the Eye?


  5. ^^^ I myself highly doubt it because whoever that is can't spell right!