Monday, August 1, 2011


I found Spike in a warehouse. He was expecting me.

"Well, Mr. Chief Proxy is here!" He shouted. "I'll make you scream! And then I'll make your boss scream! SCREAM!"

I ducked behind a crate as he began shooting at me. His laughter almost seemed to drown out the gunfire.

"I'll kill all you proxies!" He shouted. "You, Morningstar, Messenger, Executor... I'll slaughter you all! It's what you deserve!"

I opened up the Path and stepped in.

I took two steps.

I stepped out.

Spike stood before me, with his back turned. Firing at the crate I had been crouching behind just moments ago.

Fucking dumbass.

He started laughing again, and I grabbed his shoulder and jammed my knife into his fucking neck.

Good riddance you piece of shit.

Scarneck: I hope you're reading this. Because you patsy is dead and I'm coming for you next. Whoever your boss is is going to regret ever crossing paths with me.

You are beyond redemption.



  1. Goodnight, sweet prince.

  2. Good riddance indeed to that pathetic thing; so much for killing us himself. Whoever that thing and this Scarneck work for I find to be uninteresting presently. There are plenty of grudges against ones like you and I, Steward. I have my tasks; my list; I dare not interfere. Should you request assistance, however; that I can provide to a colleague. Rules are rules and I abide them very well.

  3. Ohai James, didn't see you there. :3

    Anyways, it's fun to see Masters' puppets fighting each other.

    Like a chess game, really.

    Now...who's the King?

  4. Bastards infighting; typical.

    Just like our family, eh, brothers?

    And I see that you're still alive, Peter/Traitor.

    Drive off a cliff, brother.

    James; long time, no see.

  5. Steward, I've been thinking. If it's not the "wolves" that are responsible, what about those bug-things (forget if they have name if I've ever read it). Don't they take over bodies? Aside from the killings, do you know if these people had any other behavioral/personality changes? Spike certainly seemed to know more than the first guy. Maybe looking into where both killers came from would yield some clue as to how they were chosen and who is responsible.

  6. Spike knew nothing. He was just some asshole with delusions of grandeur caught up in his own idea of heroism. He was a patsy used by Scarneck, nothing more.

    Scarneck is Sleight's real successor. I find her, I find the answers I need. Hopefully.