Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh God Judgement was waiting for me in the City. I just stepped through the Door and there he was with a knife in his hand, shouting about how horrible I am.

Horrible. Horrible. I'm a horrible person.

Killed people. Dead because of me.

Couldn't protect Crystal or Glorius or Acedia or Lexi.

He was my one companion. The voice in my mind that kept me company. He made sure I was never alone. If I was good and loyal, I'd never be alone again. Why did He betray me abandon me why why kill me kill me kill me kill me liklle m,emkkille m eme be


  1. This blog is interesting. I enjoy reading this blog. Steward is a bad person. Steward is an interesting person. Bad people are interesting.

  2. Digit, Steward is not a bad person. He had a limited number of choices and cannot be blamed for what he became. Everything he had was stripped away so that the only Thing he could devote himself to was that monster, and now he's been betrayed.

    Steward, my offer still stands. I ask for nothing in return, no deals, no demands. And even if you do not take me up on my offer, know that you have my support. Fight. The faceless bastard may have abandoned you, but you are not alone.